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Eagle Trax™

The intelligent hatchery software that turns data into maximum poultry performance



Hatcheries have a wealth of valuable data available. Unlocking the potential of that data presents a major opportunity to improve the overall performance of hatcheries as well as of the entire value chain. With Eagle Trax™, Petersime offers the first intelligent hatchery software that turns data into maximum poultry performance. Eagle Trax™ allows you to digitise, analyse and optimally use data to advance ever more in hatchery efficiency, productivity and chick quality. 


With Eagle Trax™, your hatchery will always maximise the genetic potential of each hatching egg and deliver predictable output of the most profitable day-old chicks for everybody involved in the poultry value chain. 



Optimising the poultry value chain is crucial in this time when retailers are putting pressure on the total chain. To meet the ever-increasing requirements, each poultry chain segment must deliver the best possible quality in the most efficient way to the next one, so that in the end, overall quality and efficiency are guaranteed. Your hatchery plays a key role: It needs to maximise the genetic potential of the hatching eggs to ensure a reliable output of healthy, uniform day-old chicks. In daily practice, you face numerous challenges to achieve this goal, such as:

1. Planning millions of hatching eggs that come from different breeder farms
2. Dealing with variable operator skills 
3. Analysing figures such as chick mortality and meat yield

At the same time, your hatchery has a massive amount of valuable data available that you may not be using to facilitate operations and improve performance. Eagle Trax™ enables you to future-proof your business and overcome not only today's, but also tomorrow's challenges by turning your data into maximum poultry performance.


Eagle Trax™ incorporates powerful functionalities to make sure you can take control of your operations and achieve the results you want. Being a future-proof solution, new functionalities will be continuously added over time. As a secure cloud-based software, Eagle Trax™ can also be accessed anytime and anywhere, regardless of device type (desktop, tablet or smartphone) or user location (office, home or field). 

Business-changing functionalities include: 

Digitised, automated
working procedures

 No human error

Incubation program assistance based on egg data

Maximum incubation results

Predictive management tools for hatchery maintenance and spare part stock

Maximum business continuity

Artificial Intelligence connecting data from each production phase

Better performance across the total value chain


Optimise performance against other hatcheries & industry standards

Track & trace

Full traceability from fork to farm

Secure & cloud-based

Safe access anywhere

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